2 Dubs on Day 2

omelette over pool

Day 2 in Florida started a little like this….

Breakfast was around 9:00 a.m. and in house 2, Chef Eran was back at it again making chicken omelettes! There is nothing like good food and quality time with your teammates on the morning before a big day.

Our bus was at the corner to pick us up at 10:30 a.m. in order to head to the fields. After arriving at the fields, our pregame music was blasted on the speaker, and our warmup began. Game one started at 1:00 against Haverford. We won game one 5-2 to record our first win of the trip. Interesting tidbit: The Haverford head coach was a former player of our Head Coach Kim Scavone. You always run into old friends on the ball field.

Game two followed at 3:00 against Millsaps from Jackson Mississippi. We recorded another win with a final score of 7-2. Once the game ended many of us rushed to the bus in order to start our post game night of festivities. We quickly made a much needed stop at Chick- Fil-A, and of course quickly made friends due to our dirty uniforms. You can never walk into a public place after any sporting event and not draw up conversation with a stranger.

Once arriving to our houses, we had 40 minutes to take showers and get ready for Downtown Disney! This was a true challenge for many girls in only two houses, but we prevailed. All of the girls made it back on the bus within the time limit, and only one player (Madison Perry) had a suspenseful stare down with a frightening opossum.

Downtown Disney was great! Many of the girls split up and went their separate ways with families and friends at the park. Some of the players went to Disney Quest where every arcade game was at their finger tips. The girls were able to make their own virtual rollercoasters, and then were able to experience the ride they created. Others shopped till they dropped in the World of Disney Store, and a couple of girls found the sweetest treats in the park to satisfy their cravings. We pulled out of the park around 10:40 p.m. to head back to our houses.

After a long long day, lights were out around 11:30 p.m. It didn’t take long for eyes to close once hitting the pillow. Day 2 was a success.

Downtown disney



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